We protect the environment by recycling all manner of organic wastes, locally, into optimum fertilser/compost (HH-4) in 90 days. This can be done in any rural setting or in peri urban areas. By using HH-4 to grow food in the place where it is produced we sequester maximum amounts of carbon by employing zero till soil management.


In our HH-2 superfast Composter Units  -  No moving parts  -  no electrical hook up

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With cultured fungi and bacteria


A)  agriculture/horticulture

With the finished product HH-4 applied correctly to the ground in a once a year dressing all crop pests and disease are reduced to an absolute minimum on any soil type. Irrigation requirements are also greatly reduced.

All made easier with

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B)  health


Ploughing or digging is not necessary with the Howard-Higgins system of horticulture.

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These health benefits are all passed on to our customers who purchase our fruit and veg grown with our finished product HH-4. They either suffer from arthritis or are in chemotherapy or are ill in some other way. They are finding that food grown in this way improves their health.

This is also known as preventative medicine

in short this is a revolution in agriculture – as we use no organic chemicals or synthetic chemicals or fertilisers whatsoever.

a word from the CEO of Sustainable Agriculture London

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Richard Higgins CEO of Sustainable Agriculture London presented the case for HH-2 technology at the 3rd African Congress for Water and Sanitation, Kigali Rwanda.

Volcanic Rock Dust  20Kg £14.99 + delivery 1 ton bags  also available

Volcanic Rock Dust:  Online
20Kg £9.99 + delivery — 1 ton bags also available,  and larger shipments for agriculture.

Re-mineralizing with Rock Dust

Richard Higgins: “I have personally found that by adding Volcanic Rock Dust to our HH-4 compost/fertiliser in our zero till cropping system I have improved my health dramatically. I had a compound fracture in my right arm many years ago and doctors told me I would later get arthritis as a result. I indeed contracted the condition in 2012 and blamed the damp weather. When I cropped the first harvest that had the benefit of volcanic rock dust my condition went away in a few weeks and other general aches and pains too, like weak wrists, back ache and joint problems. This product also produces more cold and damp resistant plants.”                     We are official suppliers of Volcanic Rock Dust for the South east of England. Soil depletion and minerals: read more. Rock Dust for Soils: read more

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Maggie Dyke
Supporter Services and Membership Development Manager at Arthritis Care (UK)
field scale raised beds for drainage with an annual application of compost/fertilizer

Field-scale raised beds for drainage with an annual dressing of HH-4 compost/fertiliser

We exemplify our work for schools, colleges and Universities to expound these principles into farming today. Also for NGO’s and their training staff, such as CRS., OXFAM and NORGESVEL, etc., who may wish to take this work to the rest of the world. We are situated on heavy London clay and so have initially  applied a double dressing of HH-4 compost/fertiliser. This is made with our HH-2 Superfast Composter units. This system is known as Black Carbon Farming. The land at Well End had not previously been cultivated for 35 years and without the expense of mechanical subsoil treatment, we have employed deep rooting plants to crack the subsoil pan. Food grown in this way with the Zero Till method is much higher in minerals, vitamins and proteins and is ten times higher in anti-oxidants. Lost_sci_org_cultiv_260

This is the original science of Sir Albert Howard of waste management for farms, gardens, allotments and community living and how to incorporate it into agriculture or any growing system today, with updates from India 1997. Any size mixed farm, or small holding can make all it’s own health giving fertiliser, reducing external inputs to zero.  £20 + p&p info@suaglon.co.uk

The previous results of Howard’s work worldwide can be studied in the title

Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease, Howard, 1945. available by post £10.00 + p&p  info@suaglon.co.uk        we regret to announce that this vitally important title for agriculture today has been allowed to run out of print… we are looking into this.

  The health benefits of Howard’s work can be studied in the title The Living Soil, Lady Eve Balfour, 1943,  Also available from us price £10.00  +p&p  info@suaglon.co.uk     but currently this title is also out of print

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Our Patron Julie Felix Our Patron –  We met Julie Felix in 2012, who featured in a local concert that was put on to raise money for one of our course takers at Well End who raises money to do work for orphanages in Africa.                                       At this event Julie became our patron.


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