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Welcome to Sustainable Agriculture London- the home of Well End Permaculture International, RegenAg and Agroecology techniques. We are an off-grid micro farm and teaching center in South Hertfordshire. We run courses for the public on sustainable living and how you will improve the soil by more intensive organic farming techniques. We promote green, brown and black carbon farming read more….and low till and zero till soil management. Sir Albert Howard lived 1897-1947. His method of ’black carbon farming’ was second to none and ‘sequesters three times more carbon than any above ground growth’ (Lawton). Zero Till and Low Till management results in more nutrients being transferred into the roots of plants and therefore into the fodder for animals and  food for humans. The fertility making work of Sir Albert Howard, whose work was the founding cause of the Soil Association, is explained within these pages. The work of Sir Albert is now all but forgotten. It is the work of Sustainable Agriculture London to re-introduce these back into farming today.  

The HH-2 system, developed from Howard’s science on fertility making,  creates top soil in 90 days. (John Innes Laboratory, Suffolk, England)

In Howard’s time many communities world-wide were consuming foods from humus fed soil. They did not contract the diseases of the time like mumps, rubella, measles, whooping cough and even the common cold, without any inoculation. There were virtually no cases of birth defects, disability or degenerative diseases. These populations built up good immune systems. Today degenerative conditions are on the increase and this is due to poor food and poor water quality.

Ordering the HH-2 Horticultural System

We are working on a dedicated web site for promoting the HH-2 Superfast Composting system that generates HH-4 compost/fertiliser. The correct application of this material once yearly can guarantee virtually pest and disease free crop production on any soil type. Please read through this web site and email us for more details. See the testimonial section – for systems sold.

The problem with modern farming today is that there is no humus content in the soil. This is due to the concept that farming is all about yield rather than about productivity. ‘Humus the substratum of all that is living’ (Howard) is not even considered in mainstream agriculture. Every square inch is about producing yield, that is sold to make a profit, rather than a portion of each agricultural/horticultural farm or holding being used to produce fertility for creating healthy soil on that LAND; that in turn produces healthy food.

The agricultural systems developed by Howard were based on research from the ancient culture of the Chinese. The HH-2 system of horticulture and agriculture have been formulated for modern day use by the author and founder of this web site, Richard Higgins

Our Micro-farm at Well End Hertfordshire is a living example of the Howard fertility making system. We are able to grow 2-3 crops a year on the same land without any fallow period in rotation. The crops are all remarkably pest and disease free and grow to larger sizes than found in conventional farming. We employ no chemicals whatsoever and neither compost teas or companion planting are necessary.


Opportunity to teach

As of August 2014 The Well End LAND centre are also offering a venue for teachers to teach their specialist subjects on our Micro-farm.
Courses from Anthropology to Vegetarianism from Biodiesel to Yoga, all are welcome. Anything that optimises the health and longevity of all species and the planet is welcome. That’s Permaculture!

Compost Toilets

These seem to be now at last a growing trend.

The HH-2 superfast composting toilet system is the fastest compost toilet system in the world. All human effluent entered into HH-2 units, along with other sanitary ware, including babbies nappies forms a world first, ground breaking science that is gaining momentum for sustainable farms and communities world-wide. If you are interested in this essential sustainable science please read our pages. We will be glad to take up your enquiries.

since 1995 we have had amazing results with our fruits and vegetables of all descriptions. We now have a stream of visitors to view the system in our South Hertfordshire Micro-farm and many end up purchasing the equipment because of its wholly sustainable nature and flexibility in operation. HH-2 is a system that has TNR  -  Total Nutrient Recovery.

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 The Lost Art of Compost Toilets

with TNR  (total nutrient recovery)

18th April, 20th May, 22nd July is rolled onto – 26th August, 9th September 2014

Clay Oven Building

5th April and 19th April 2014, 6th Sept (part 1), 19th Sept (part 2)

introduction to Permaculture and Sustainabe Living

29h April, 27th May, 25th July is rolled over to – 12th August, 16th September 2014

11th November 2014

Vegetarian Cooking

13th September (half day)

Spring Moon Planting 

7th June 2014

Biochar Making

25th April, 13th May, 11th June, 15th August, 23rd September

                on going on your land or at the Well End Micro-farm

                             Rocket Stove Building (half day course)

19t h July, 20th September, 27th September


to avoid disappointment if you are indisposed to attend a course you have booked paying for insurance may be useful.

mozambique and kigali 497

Richard Higgins CEO of Sustainable Agriculture London and HHI Howard-Higgins International Ltd., at the 3rd African Congress for Water and Sanitation, Kigali Rwanda.

Volcanic Rock Dust  20Kg £14.99 + delivery 1 ton bags  also available

Volcanic Rock Dust:  Online
20Kg £9.99 + delivery — 1 ton bags also available,  and larger shipments for agriculture.

Richard Higgins: “I have personally found that by adding Volcanic Rock Dust to our zero till cropping system I have improved my health dramatically. I had a compound fracture in my right arm many years ago and doctors told me I would later get arthritis as a result. I indeed contracted the condition in 2012 and blamed the damp weather. When I cropped the first harvest that had the benefit of volcanic rock dust my condition went away in a few weeks and other general aches and pains too, like weak wrists, back ache and joint problems. This product also produces more cold and damp resistant plants.”                     We are official suppliers of Volcanic Rock Dust for the South east of England. Soil depletion and minerals: read more. Rock Dust for Soils: read more

We have had a linkedin connection with:

Maggie Dyke
Supporter Services and Membership Development Manager at Arthritis Care (UK)

A Fly in the ointment of Agriculture - which doesn’t address the mineral content of soils.

How GM food and GE technology can detriment the world by trying to take agriculture away from humanity and manipulate it into a globally owned business. If you Google GMO foods you get all the bad stuff about GM not any good stuff – what does that tell you about global opinion? Some say ‘what does that tell you about Google!’

11 year old gives a TEDX lecture …see video  Richard Higgins speaks at anti GM rally at Rothamsted park – that evening he was featured on BBC Farming Today at Radio Luton as the UK anti GM campaigner. Later he was invited to meet with Rothamsted director Maurice Moloney and his top five soil scientists, as Richard’s reason for going to the Rothamsted demonstration was to research alternative ways of feeding the world’s population.

Video at Rothamsted park:


How supermarkets are pushing to supply GMO’s read more…   The Micro-farm at Well End and this web site are based on the original science of Sir Albert Howard MA.,C.I.E., who turned around agriculture in many countries to produce pest and disease free crops, even on a monoculture scale without the use of fossil fuels. This site pulls together the work of Howard, MacCarrison, Balfour,Turner, Sykes, Faulkner, Guest and The Good Gardeners Association, for the purpose of teaching and demonstrating Black Carbon sequestration and sustainable waste management and agricultural/ horticultural technique known as HHS, the Howard-Higgins System. We employ no chemicals, synthetic or biological and obtain optimum healthy crops. Optimum health is derived from healthy food and healthy rejuvenated water (SH -9)

field scale raised beds for drainage with an annual application of compost/fertilizer

Field-scale raised beds for drainage with an annual application of compost/fertiliser

We exemplify our work for schools, colleges and Universities to expound these principles into farming today. Also for NGO’s and their training staff, such as CRS., OXFAM and NORGESVEL, etc., who may wish to take this work to the rest of the world. We are situated on heavy London clay and so have initially required a double  amount of the recommended annual dressing of compost/fertiliser..HH-4. This is made with our HH-2 Hot Boxes. This system is known as Black Carbon Farming. The land at Well End had not previously been cultivated for 35 years and without the expense of mechanical subsoil treatment, we have employed deep rooting plants to crack the subsoil pan. Food grown in this way with the Zero Till method is much higher in minerals, vitamins and proteins and is ten times higher in anti-oxidants. Lost_sci_org_cultiv_260

This is the original science of Sir Albert Howard of waste management for farms, gardens, allotments and community living and how to incorporate it into agriculture or any growing system, with updates from India 1997. Any size mixed farm can make all it’s own fertiliser, reducing external inputs to zero.  £20 + p&p info@suaglon.co.uk

The Results of Howard’s work worldwide can be studied in the title

Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease, Howard,1945 re printed in 2005    available from SuAgLon £10.00 + p&p  info@suaglon.co.uk        we regret to announce that this vitally important title for agriculture today has been allowed to run out of print… We are looking into this as of Friday the 4th July 1014. 

  The health benefits of Howard’s work can be studied in the title The Living Soil, Lady Eve Balfour, 1943, reprinted 2006.  Also available from SuAgLon £10.00    +p&p  info@suaglon.co.uk 

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Our Patron Julie Felix Our Patron –  We met Julie Felix in 2012, who featured in a local concert that was put on to raise money for one of our course takers at Well End who raises money to do work for orphanages in Africa.                                       At this event Julie became our patron.


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